I still feel the quality of my hair was far superior during my school days compared to now.

The sole reason could be that my mother used to put Ayurvedic oil in my hair every day and tightly make two braids with ribbons. I know it's the reality of every millennial and Gen-Z nowadays.

In our days of hustling, we forgot to take care of our hair until one day, an influencer reminded us how the ancient Indian beauty secret lies in oiling your hair regularly.

In the old days “champi” was not only done to encourage hair growth but also to calm the mind. Ayurveda mentions the use of different hair oils during different seasons of the year, and there is a definite technique of champi that can result in luscious hair growth, silky hair strands, and bulky volume.

But the burning question is: should I put oil in my hair every day? This blog aims to inform you of all ins and outs of hair oiling. Fasten your seatbelt to gain pearls of wisdom straight from the experts and Ayurveda.

Why Oiling Your Hair Should Be Your New Beauty Routine: How Often You Should Oil Your Hair

Hair thinning, bald patches, and alopecia are topics of discussion from offices, colleges to kitty parties. Why are many men and women suffer from hair issues today? The answer lies in several reasons including poor nutrition choices, pollution, chemical hair treatments, and lack of a hair care regime.

Our grandmothers were obsessed with hair oiling as a part of their hair care routine. The main reason is that it not only conditions the scalp but also works wonders for scalp health when combined with various herbs like hibiscus, amla, reetha, and shikakai. Massaging the scalp with oil also improves blood circulation and strengthens the hair follicles. Frequent usage of hair oil can improve hair shaft lubrication and prevent hair breakage.

Afsennah, a certified trichologist, suggests that regularly oiling your hair not only improves your scalp health but also helps prevent split ends and promote length. When asked about how often one should apply oil to their hair, she recommends oiling the hair three times a week to encourage hair growth. However, to maintain hair growth, you must apply hair oil once a week

And Which Technique You Must Use?

“Champi” which is also known as head massage, dates back to 4000 year old Indian practice of massaging hair with oils infused with herbs. 

According to Ayurveda begin massaging oil into the adhipati region, which is located 8 fingers from the eyebrow. Then spread it to the entire crown, and gently massage your head by applying a slight pressure with your fingers in a circular motion. 

Practicing this technique regularly will result in healthy hair growth and a calm state of mind. 

What Are Some Common Modern Hair Problems?

Without understanding the root problem, all your efforts in applying hair oil are in vain. Unlike old days, today’s men and women go through diverse hair problems. Let's dig deep into common hair issues and then we will see which hair oils combat these specific issues.

Damaged Hair

Hair damage can occur due to multiple reasons. Be it too much heat, lack of nutrients-rich diet, using hard water, or using chemicals to your hair.

Flaky Scalp

Losing the natural moisture due to pollution, harsh chemicals, and not washing hair once in two days can cause a lot of dirt and build up to accumulate on your scalp. This layer of dandruff can cause further irritation and inflammation in your hair.

Frizzy And Lifeless Hair

When you go overboard with styling and heat treatments in your hair, it damages your hair cuticle. Sometimes lack of nutrition and diet also contribute to dull and freezy hair. To address such hair concerns you need to strengthen your hair cuticle hair by providing enough nourishment.

Bald Patches And Thin Hair

Hair loss is a reason behind the umbrella of causes and conditions such as alopecia arata, partial baldness, and brittle & thin hair. Factors like genetics, diet, and lifestyle play an important part in the development of severe hair loss conditions.

Which Hair Oil Should You Use To Combat The Above Hair Issue?

Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and conditioner for your scalp. On top of  recovering protein loss and promoting healthier hair, it also acts as a shield against damage caused by pollution and environmental changes. Plus, according to Ayurveda, applying coconut hair oil all around the year can make your hair luscious, prevents greying, and softer.

Sunflower Oil 

Very few oils actually fight dandruff and itchy scalp. Sunflower is one of them. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it effective at soothing the scalp and clearing up dandruff. This lightweight oil is the number one solution for controlling frizz, leaving your hair smooth and manageable

Castor Oil 

Castor oil is often hailed as a savior for those having bald patches, thin hair, or less hair. It has antimicrobial properties that can combat bacteria, fungal overgrowth, and inflammation on the scalp. Additionally, it can nourish the scalp and eliminate dandruff flakes, resulting in increased hair growth and helping reduce bald patches.

Jadibuti Oil

Ayurveda recommends using herbs such as bringraj leaves, fenugreek seeds, Indian gooseberry, and rosemary infused in carrier oils like castor, coconut, and sunflower oil. 

Jadibuti Hair Oil is an excellent solution for prolonged hair issues such as hair fall and weak hair. It is rich in vitamin C, fatty acids, iron, calcium, vitamin D, and E. Applying it regularly boosts hair volume, reduces dandruff and scalp irritation, and ultimately prevents premature greying. 

You can transform your hair by using Timri's Jadibuti oil, which is 100% Ayurvedic with no chemicals or refined oils, just like how your grandmother used to make it.

Our Verdict On : Applying Oil To Hair Daily Is Good Or Bad

Hair care and skincare go beyond applying any random product. It doesn’t work in silos or without evaluating your hair issues. Deeply researching whether the product's ingredients address your hair issues is crucial for effective hair care. 

Additionally, it is imperative to transform your diet, lifestyle, and fitness regime to support your hair growth journey. Making a holistic change in every aspect of your life and then choosing a hair care product that solves your hair problem is the right approach

now, the blazing dilemma that demands an answer: Should you apply hair oil every day?

Even with severe hair issues, applying hair oil every day attracts dirt resulting in clogged pores, eventually compromising your scalp health by stripping away the essential oils. 

Nonetheless, hair experts and trichologists don’t recommend putting hair oil every day against popular belief. Because applying hair twice or thrice a week gets the job done. It gives enough nourishment and resolves the issues too.

If you're struggling to choose a hair oil that protects you from all your hair woes, then just close your eyes and pick Jadibuti oil. It not only fights hair problems but also strengthens your hair from the core, making room for longer, luscious, and beautiful locks. Consult our professionals to start your hair growth journey now.